“Around mid-life I felt totally overwhelmed and unable to cope, but I thought  I was the last person in my life who needed therapy. Turns out I couldn’t change others, but I could change myself!  I like Jo’s light touch and holistic approach. I have found Voice Dialogue to be an incredible path to greater self-awareness and I have enjoyed following up other suggestions of things to try or read too, all at my own pace.

Having Jo as my mentor has been truly life changing. I now make more conscious choices about how I respond to challenges. Life is easier. Increasingly, I can enjoy today and let go of fears about tomorrow. I don’t beat myself up any more. I have learnt to trust in my own resilience.”  H

“Something which I feel is crucial to the way you work, is that I feel as is if I’m being “held” by you whilst we are in conversation.  It makes me feel as though you are with me as opposed to being opposite me!   This is a very different experience to that of working with some previous counsellors Jo!! ” A

“I wanted to write to let you know what a joy it has been to work with you.  Your intuitive support has helped me to move into a much calmer, spacious place! Thankyou so much!”  B